North Rampart Community Center

1130 North Rampart Street  New Orleans, LA 70116

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     In May 2007, North Rampart Community Center was incorporated to bring services back to the center after Hurricane Katrina. Starting in June 2006, the summer camp was our first program, with an enrollment of 50 children. Now, throughout the school years, we see an average of 200 children daily in our After School Program. Summer Camp enrollment has increased to 80 children.

     North Rampart Community Center (NRCC) is located on the border between the French Quarter ("Vieux Carre") and the community of Treme in the historic section of old New Orleans. The center was established in 1909 by the Women’s Society of Christian Services, Board of Missions, Methodist Church, as part of a nationwide movement to establish community centers in high poverty areas around the country.  Also providing Christian education to the children of an expanding immigrant population within New Orleans. The mission expanded to primarily address the material, educational, and spiritual needs of the women and children. The Center continued to serve this growing population in the twenties and thirties, becoming involved in child care during World War II and adding a medical clinic, which also served the African- American community in the forties. The Center played a key role in the desegregation of the public schools in the early sixties. In 1971, the center was incorporated under the same name as the church as a 501(c)(3) with a local Board of Directors from the community. It was within this time period that the work of the Center began to focus on the population in Treme.




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