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  • Our gymnasium is open to the youth in this community year round providing a safe haven to play sports and improve their athletic skills.
  • Thousands of children have learned to swim in our swimming pool; many of these children become Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors as teenagers and adults. 
  • Our reading program focuses on keeping the children interested in reading and writing with engaging and productive activities.

  • The technology lab provides opportunities to explore the Internet, learn Microsoft Office, and keyboarding giving them skills that can be utilized both in school and when they are ready to seek employment. 

  • We also offer arts and crafts, drama, and dance which gives the children the opportunity to express themselves in different mediums of the arts.

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North Rampart Community Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization designed to enhance the quality of life through human services to children, youth, and families by providing holistic programs that foster a sense of well being in all individuals, to develop leaders for tomorrow, and create a compassionate atmosphere for all individuals within the community.

1130 North Rampart Street  New Orleans, Louisiana 70116     (504) 529-1681

North Rampart Community Center